Jacquie Baxter

Listener – June 17, 2000

Jim, Jacquie and Baxter

When I rang for an interview Jacquie Baxter asked: “What hat am I to wear – J C Sturm or Jacquie Baxter?” The answer, of course, is both. The widow of the country’s most famous poet and the woman who has become a poet in her own right are one and the same, inseparable.More,,,

Dear Everyone: ALISTAIR COOKE by Nick Clarke (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

Listener – July 15, 2000

A few months back in the wee hours of the morning I was tussling with some raw unturned thought that wouldn’t sleep. National Radio’s “All Night” programme was barely audible on my clock radio, when, ever so quiet, there came to my ears the unmistakable velvety voice, albeit a little shakey, of veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke. … More,,,

The New Jerusalem

The Sunday Star Times – March 28, 1999

Dancer Michael Parmenter and his team are on a pilgrimage, touring a work inspired by James K Baxter. Lindsay Rabbitt hits the road to Jerusalem.

It could be a screamer for a Hollywood epic. “From the Bible to Blake to Baxter! From the Middle East to Jerusalem – on the Whanganui River!” … More,,,