These Lives I Have Buried 
Four Winds Press – 2004

‘Once, the fear gripped me in the bank manager’s office while I was putting a case for why he should extend the firm’s overdraft. I said I needed to go to the toilet, and rushed out of the bank to a nearby pub. I downed five double vodkas as quick as you could say “Jack Robinson”, and went back to the bank. I got the loan. Large doses of alcohol dowsed the fear, but I couldn’t live constantly drunk.’

Black Robin – 1988

shifting points

look see
here it is

to happen

now that’s

Black Robin – 1988

On the Line 
Voice Press – 1985

Voice Press – 1983

letter from holloway road

the evenings are drawing out 
movement is more pronounced 

late sun makes an eye sparkle 
a lip slips across foliage 

currency is exchanged 
at gateways 

light wet tongues… 
even the silent are articulate